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Yahtzee dice games have been family favorites for as long, and are widely popular world-over. Since their inception in the 1940s, Yahtzee has been enjoyed by kids and regular board-game enthusiasts looking for some push-your-luck, and light gametime. Afterall, Yahtzee games are all about taking chances and sheer luck!

So, if you are keen on dice games similar to Yahtzee, either as a group of experienced gamers or for the family, the following comparisons to Yahtzee will provide fun and exciting games to play.

Dice City

Dice city has plenty of dice-rolling entertainment for those looking to play games similar to Yahtzee. After barbarians take over the Kingdom of Rolldovia, 1-4 players must play against each to have their city chosen as the new capital. To succeed, players will need to construct great buildings, open trade routes and build strong militaries.

Each player will have five dice to access location cards and the needed resources to build their city. Seasoned and novice gamers looking for a dice-based, lightweight engine builder are sure to enjoy their gametime with Dice City.

BANG! The Dice Game

This is your typical Wild West, fast and yet light dice-rolling game. Played by 3-8 players, BANG! The Dice Game comes in a more exciting and sleeker version than its predecessor, BANG!

The objective is for players to covertly align themselves with the renegades, the outlaws or the Sheriff and strive to be in the last group standing. Similar to Yahtzee, players get to roll five dice to the maximum of 3 times, but rather in BANG! The Dice Game the dice will be used to increase shooting range, treat yourself or other players and shoot rivals.

A combination of push-your-luck, a Wild West theme and social deduction, this thrilling game is best for game nights and families.


A colorful and fast dice game that's perfect for families looking for games similar to Yahtzee. With combined elements of bingo and Yahtzee, Qwixx is a 2-5 player game with each player rolling 6 dice, 2 white and one for each of the 4 colors displayed on each players' scorecards.

A player can tick off the colored number that appears on their card by adding the white die's number to the matching colored die's number. All numbers much be ticked off in rows, and if a player can't tick off another number they'll be penalized.

With some attributes of Yahtzee, Qwixx is both simple and fun, and one of the best dice-rolling alternatives on game nights.

Roll for Adventure

If dice-rolling games like Yahtzee are your favorites at the gaming table, but would love a fantasy twist, Roll for Adventure is the ideal go-to game for both families and seasoned gamers. 1-4 players join forces to save the kingdom.

Your objective is to collect as many gems to complete a magical amulet needed to destroy the Dark Lord. Four lands make up the kingdom, and specific dice rolls are required to their magical gems. However, be careful as monsters will attack any of these lands at moment's notice.

Players need to use their dice to neutralize these monsters, and note that if the Dark Lord conquers any land, players lose the game.

Roll for Adventure is a simple puzzle-solver that combines both luck and strategy.

Dice Town

One of the most similar games to Yahtzee because it combines poker with dice-rolling. With a Wild West theme, this game will require taking risks and overcoming certain obstacles to achieve your goal.

A player puts out a poker hand, and depending on the dice roll you'll be required to control certain areas of Dice Town, and take appropriate action when things happen. Anyone with the most K's becomes the Sheriff, and decides who wins in any ties. However, players can still influence the Sheriff with money, cards or nuggets.


These are some of the most popular dice games in comparison to Yahtzee. Other games include; Boggle, Yahtzee Showdown, Vegas Dice Game and loads more. Online casinos also offer players some exciting dice games, such as sic-bo and craps. One of the main draws to online casino dice games are the online casino bonuses on offer. In fact, casinos offer some of the biggest bonus campaigns in the dicing arena, a clear reason why it is so popular